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The quality of life you’ve always wanted.

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Cost of Living

Berkshire cost of living is approximately 50% of Manhattan and 77% of Boston. Learn more with this COLI tool.

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Real Estate

The average price of a 4-bed and 2-bath in Pittsfield is $245,754. Explore these homeowner services in the Berkshires.

General Dynamics


There are more than 2,500 open jobs in the Berkshires. Start your search today with the jobs thing .

buxton school education


With options for both public and private schools ranging from early-childhood to higher education, the Berkshires offers diverse learning opportunities.


Health & Wellness

Healthy communities, higher standards. The Berkshires are home to award winning healthcare and services that support balanced living and an active lifestyle.

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Our Communities

Whether it is dining, shopping, or cultural attractions, Berkshire County attracts people from all over the world. Discover where is right for you today!

Know Before You Relocate

What's New

Another thing to know before you relocate is that cannabis for both recreation and for medicinal purposes is legal in the Berkshires and all of MA. Read the FAQs or watch the video below to help you navigate the cannabis landscape.

Watch Video

A Peek Into Berkshire Life

World class culture, outdoor fun, farm fresh cuisine, luxurious rejuvenation, and more

Williamstown in the spring. Photo by Abby Leadbetter.

Get the Official
Guide to the Berkshires

Inspire wanderlust with the Official Guide to the Berkshires , a year-round, comprehensive resource to help you plan the perfect respite.

Photos: Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival | Family in masks | New homeowners c/o Jan Perry Realty | General Dynamics | Mount Greylock by Andres Schmid | The Pass greenhouse in Egremont

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