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It’s a New England winter, with fields of brilliant snow, the sharp blue sky, a bracing snap of cold, and then a relaxing evening in front of a toasty fireplace, and the Berkshires is the perfect place to enjoy the season.

Whether plans are for a weekend of romance or a snowshoeing trek across white-blanketed fields, there’s an inn to suit every taste, from an elegant Victorian mansion to a rustic timber-framed lodge to a bucolic farmhouse. Skiing in the morning, visiting a world-class art museum in the afternoon, then a marvelous dinner followed by a concert and a cozy retreat at one of the welcoming B&Bs: It’s an extraordinary combination.

Play Outdoors

Skiers flock to the Berkshires and with good reason: the rolling hills offer ample opportunities to take to the slopes. Choose thrilling downhill runs at  Jiminy Peak , Butternut,  Catamount , and  Bousquet . Choose the deeply satisfying slide of cross-country skies, where groomed trails welcome seasoned skiers and novices alike. Or strap on a pair of snowshoes and become part of a glorious winter landscape for an exhilarating snowy adventure.

Winter athletes might choose to stay at a rustic lodge with a rural, wooded setting or a fine resort guarantees a quiet, secluded getaway. Opting for a historic inn set amidst farm and meadow is another excellent winter choice; grab the snowshoes and step right out the door onto expansive fields of pristine snow. Return to a merry blaze in the fireplace and unwind in the country-casual setting.

Take the chill off after an exhilarating morning enjoying the snow with a delicious lunch: many casual dining restaurants in the region boast a wide range of menu choices, from sushi and pad thai to a classic burger and fries or even a pizza loaded with a creative assortment of toppings.

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